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Posted by Ahamed Rafaideen on (2012-11-08 13:43:35)
Posted by Godzilla on (2012-12-14 16:39:42)
Yaaaeeks!!!!!!! What is this???? Is this Sri Lankan culture??? Women dressed in super minis (but nothing to show anyway), drinking and both men and women dancing (if you can call this rubbish dancing), actually more like lunatics gone mad, then you have both men and women shouting and hooting like wile animals. Disgusting. Not a single nice looking Sri Lankan couple. All were dark and horrible. What are those European dances in bikinis doing there??? Why can't we have dancers wearing bikini??? Have we anybody who has looks, figures like that??? Compared to the Europeans our fellows look like chmips. Please change this site from hi tv to Lk ChimpTV.
Posted by manjitha on (2012-12-24 17:09:55)
what didi u say??????????
Posted by soberlilly on (2013-01-10 01:45:02)
why does the host keep referring to the new year as 2012 ????? and the past year as 2011 ??? why doesn't ANYONE try to correct him ??? or have i time traveled back a year? HAPPY 2013 !!!!!
Posted by manjitha on (2013-01-12 19:09:06)
maintain well,,,,,,, everyday i watch it !
Posted by Lakshitha on (2013-02-04 15:33:05)
wow Damn
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