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Posted by Mahinda on (2012-10-27 15:56:33)
this is not what our country needs.bringing up these kind of culture to the country will ruin the society.shame on u probably dont have children or u must dont have a good married lives.thats y u are trying to ruin your country as well.
Posted by Coconut Donkey on (2012-10-30 12:07:35)
While i am not one who'd enjoy this nature of entertainment i do respect the right and privileges of those that might. Rampant corruption, rape, violence and you think this is what's ruining the country? sir, take a good hard look in the mirror, it is the ignorance and apathy towards the real issues by ordinary people like you and i that is ruining this country!
Posted by Madmax on (2012-11-01 12:58:39)
learn to accept people for who they are.....these guys are putting on this showfor charity......like to see you do something for charity
Posted by euro on (2012-11-03 15:26:12)
To mahinda -What your country need is equal rights to everybody, including gays , lesbians, handicapped what ever the humans or animals.... If you are looking for your culture. to live like that. ? Sorry Singharaja forest is closed you cant go back there to live..
Posted by Priya on (2012-11-05 05:18:49)
@Mahinda.. please, this will ruin our Country? Then I guess the country has not already been ruined by having the highest rate of incest in the world, extremely high rate of single mothers, rape, child rape and abuse, physical abuse of females and suicide? All these things happen mostly in the villages not in Colombo. I think You better get Your facts in order before talking about a exclusive show in Colombo ruining the Country.
Posted by fb-icon Jan de Costa on (2012-11-06 03:41:20)
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Posted by saty on (2012-11-06 12:58:52)
@ Mahinda....what kind of culture,tradition,religion u r speaking about.all of them from other countries.so v should accept all humans.because we are not pure Sri lankans.....so stop talking about stupid things.
Posted by kanga rox on (2012-11-06 18:02:05)
whtever guys,relax,and dnt care,uneducated people and wht else hahahah,we are born this way.i was thr @ the show
Posted by M.M.Mohamed on (2012-11-06 20:25:21)
The sound system on this recording is terrible, one just cannot hear the Acts. Only the Hi TV presenter is clear
Posted by Mahinda on (2012-11-11 22:53:05)
Yes the country has already ruined and the society went out of control.but u patriotic people dont have knowledge to think that as a country we still live with our own culture
Posted by Thusitha on (2012-12-18 17:15:46)
These thins do NOT destroy our so-called society. Mahinda, what is this "culture", "tradition" are you talking about??? Did we have any real "traditions" or "culture". Please read Robert Knox's "Historical Relation of Ceylon" to know what the real Sinhala Culture was: i.e. mothers prostituting daughters, parents killing babies if their horoscope is bad, men letting their wives and daughters sleep with their friends who come to their home, men sharing one woman (eka geyi kama) where you don't know who is the father of the children, a "caste" system where 50% of the high caste population subjugate and get their work done by the rest of the 50% of low caste people. Don't talk nonsense Mahinda. We did not have any civilized culture to speak of. We were civilized only by the Portuguese, Dutch and for the most part by the English. Thanks to them we don't kill our babies if the horoscopes are not good and don't give our daughters as prostitutes.
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